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Cajamarca by Avey13 Cajamarca :iconavey13:Avey13 0 0
The Classifieds
We're looking for each other
like apartments in a city overflowing,
like pigeons look for ledges
to ensure they don't lose their wings.
Maybe I'm looking for a story
where a city of lights fills with fireflies
or just warmth in the middle of winter
words of kindness from a stranger's eyes.
We're fumbling through familiar passes
awoken only by coffee and primal vows.
We might try to be gentler
but we'll only bite ourselves.
I'm working on an escape or two
far into the country away from you
and if I should ever succeed
I'd hope you'd follow me.
:iconavey13:Avey13 0 0
Inspiration of Impressionists by Avey13 Inspiration of Impressionists :iconavey13:Avey13 2 0 (St. Peter's) Cathedral by Avey13 (St. Peter's) Cathedral :iconavey13:Avey13 1 0 Beats by Avey13 Beats :iconavey13:Avey13 2 0 Towers on High by Avey13 Towers on High :iconavey13:Avey13 2 0 Rainbow Cobblestones by Avey13 Rainbow Cobblestones :iconavey13:Avey13 1 0
Response to Remains of a Flower
Nor rose, nor sword, but painted glass,
sacred and gorgeous while it lasts,
miracle of time and sand,
made unique by human hand.
Heart is what moves one to touch
skin of glass painted such
that jewels shine not so bright,
don't so justly hold the light.
When translucence is proved untrue,
hands are moved, the glass I threw
on concrete unforgiving,
to reveal illusion to the living.
The painted glass wasn't art,
but printed upon like plastic parts.
Beauty is cheap and glass is bought,
and smeared upon without thought.
Words are that, things won't last,
rose will wilt, sword felt fast,
cuts gained by both and broken glass,
love is but a painful mass.
:iconavey13:Avey13 2 2
Clouds in Ink by Avey13 Clouds in Ink :iconavey13:Avey13 6 0
Gogh and Poe
Why should sentences end
when thoughts don't?
Why must I write essays
instead of protest chants?
I mean it.
Absorbtion of energy in passion,
saturation, hit, complete,
so end it.
Fill the air with fumes,
the vapor of your skin and paint.
The master's built layers on drafts.
Break the mold.
Why cry
if not to water the flowers?
Through your fists into song.
Let the ink on pages run.
Hold them over flames.
That ruins might burst with phoenix.
Salivate with insanity.
Cultivate the lost.
:iconavey13:Avey13 1 1
I miss ancient cathedrals on mountaintops,
all the moments I owned,
All ignorance was blessed
when youth was before me.
Guitars on tables played
spontaneous ballads of yesterday,
uniting laughter and hands
like strings I held close to me.
We sang to grass beatles and butterflies,
danced away the days,
turning streets into carnivals.
Canvasses too dry, we painted ourselves.
Easy came now easy go.
We near fall with dirt before us.
You hold my hand and touch my cheek.
We shed our skins and start off slow.
:iconavey13:Avey13 1 3
Fiery dresses igniting dark emptyness
A smouldering bang takes the quiet
sick of yourself, need someone else?
For a drink and a drag get heat here.
It's pity or petty, you don't know or care.
What your mother taught you
went in one ear and came out wet.
It's truth or dare, 5 minutes in 6 shots.
1 will go off in that cheap party trick
if you're not careful,
bounce around the caverns of your skull
tearing memories with it.
Your muscles go hard under the cold.
Smoke to numb the fear.
It's cold inside too.
:iconavey13:Avey13 0 3
Geraniums Before the Horizon (copy) by Avey13 Geraniums Before the Horizon (copy) :iconavey13:Avey13 0 0
Midnight Already
I feel poems pulling out of a soul unsatisfied,
lying in recluse about a barren passion.
The watch ticks and I him
and no one does nothing at all.
Walls mold together in grey fashion.
I blame the rats for the lack of structure.
They make their homes
and I feel I haven't one.
It's a good effort, the sluggish self-convincing
that wears away at the neuron connections
connecting type straight to tomb.
It plays with perceptions.
The cans are dancing on an empty stomach.
The images are blending together.
The lights are burning out.
and I don't know anything at all.
:iconavey13:Avey13 0 2
L'Histoire by Avey13 L'Histoire :iconavey13:Avey13 5 9 He's a Pretty Boy by Avey13 He's a Pretty Boy :iconavey13:Avey13 13 8

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A Hoosier by birth, Peruvian by heart, Parisian in mind. With a paintbrush I'm a mirror, with a camera I'm a framer, with letters I'm an antenna (may the muses shoot their graces my way).

With you I'm just me.


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